Good morning, Marketers, are you so experienced in search marketing that sometimes you miss the most obvious things that maybe a newbie would have picked up? 

What I love about change, and even forced change, is that it requires even the most experienced professionals to relearn something from the beginning. We have the new GA4 being forced on us, a new version of Google Ads Editor with the future of performance max campaigns changing a lot for SEMs, new reporting in Microsoft Advertising and more.  Change forces us to adapt and relearn a lot of what we know, which helps us become better at what we do. The cycle is important, reinforces our skills and keeps us on our toes.

I’ve been blogging about search for almost 20 years now and I am getting too comfortable with it. I decided to start a blog on a new topic, not just because I find the topic fun and interesting but also because I felt starting a new blog, a new website, from scratch would force me to relearn some of the basics and make me better at what I do. If you want to check it out, it is called Lucid Insider, a new Tesla competitor.

Do something new, again. It might just help you grow where you least expect it.

Barry Schwartz,
EV reporter

Merchant Center can now be linked to Google Analytics 4

You can now see your conversions from free product listings by connecting your Merchant Center and Google Analytics property.

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Instagram product tags rolling out to all U.S. users

Product tagging will make it easy for people to discover and buy your products via Instagram Shopping.

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SERP feature trends every SEO must know

Every time you type a question into Google, the results page can look completely different. Think videos, images, ads, graphs, and related questions. There are more than 40 different interactive elements or SERP features that can appear. So, how can you know what SERP features should be at the forefront of your strategic planning? In this report, Similarweb analyzed the most popular SERP features across various industries. Find out the best strategies to leverage and how.

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Google Search Console to show event rich results errors for missing locations

You may see an increase in rich results report errors for event schema in Search Console as a result of this change.

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Google Ads Editor version 2.0 supports Performance Max campaigns

The update also includes support for custom actions and action triggers, conversion goals, shared audiences and more.

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Microsoft Advertising updates reporting dashboard with recent reports, real-time previews and more

The new reporting dashboard is aimed at streamlining workflows by making reports easier to customize and access.

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How your ad position and CTR impact conversion rate

Learn how to use your keyword ranking and click-through rate data to improve the performance of your paid search campaigns.

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11 conspiracy theories about search, Google and Big Tech

From your phone is spying on you to Google manipulating ad auctions, here are some of the juiciest conspiracy theories.

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