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Good morning, Marketers, and it’s update time.

Google yesterday released its third product review update, the first algorithm update of 2022. The release is supposed to build upon the previous two, which aims to better surface high-quality reviews and penalize – though Google says it’s not a penalty – thin and low-quality reviews. There’s more on that below.

Also, now that there’s more urgency to get set up on Google Analytics 4, we suggest checking out Colleen Harris’s workshop on GA4 from our recent SMX Master Classes. The replay is still available.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

Google releases March 2022 product reviews update with additional ranking criteria

The new product reviews update looks for in-depth analysis, actual product use, unique information and comparable product coverage.

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3 ways marketers can connect with Gen Z consumers

Gen Z is unlike any other generational group. At SMX Next, Purna Virji shows how marketers can connect with this growing cohort.

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CRM data is messy, but it can clean itself up

Flawless CRM data can’t be achieved by cleaning up database tables through one-time processes, no matter how many of those processes you employ, or how frequently. It can only be achieved by enforcing rigor in a system of record with integrated, repeatable, ongoing data services.

Read more for some characteristics that make up a reliable system of record, and why it’s a more effective path to ongoing efficiency and accuracy of CRM data.

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Google releases Partner Program directory in latest effort to rebuild program

After trying to relaunch it with strict requirements, Google now seems intent on building goodwill among the PPC marketers who participate.

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The SEO’s Guide to JavaScript: Everything You Need to Know

You don’t have to learn how to program in JavaScript to be a rockstar SEO. But that doesn’t mean you can put JavaScript out of your mind. JavaScript does impact SEO, and if you’re not proactive about it, your pages will underperform in the SERPs. Thankfully, the stuff you need to know isn’t that technical. Download this free white paper for everything you need to know.

Learn more.

PPC salaries: How much in-house and agency search marketers make in 2022

This data will help give you some bargaining power, whether you're negotiating salary for a new role or seeking a raise from your employer.

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Meta rebrands automated ad products, shopping campaigns coming soon

Meta is consolidating its products into the Meta Advantage suite, which allows advertisers to automate part of a – or an entire – campaign.

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